Cappella Morhange

It is a Kamerkoor formed by 18 experienced amateur singers. Every year, on the Good Friday, two days before Easter Sunday, the Cappella Morhange performs the Tenebrae Responsoria by Carlo Gesualdo da Venosa. Every year the group performs 9 of the 27 responsoria written in his unique vision of the late renaissance stile cromatico. The Cappela Morhange rehearses and performs in Amsterdam.

Haagse Renaissance Kamerkoor

The music from the renaissance and the early baroque are the main musical eras performed by the HRKK. The concerts of this ensemble are comprised of sacred and secular music performed with the help of period instruments.  The HRKK rehearses every Wednesday in The Hague.

Kamerkoor Koorteze

Founded in 2017 the Kamerkoor Korteze is a project choir for experienced amateur singers. The first Koorteze project started during my master research in the Royal Conservatoiore in The Hague. It enabled me and selected singers coming from all over The Netherlands to perform unpublished music coming from the Portuguese musical archives of Lisbon and Evòra that was part of my research.  The ensemble maintained its “vocation” and reserves part of its programs to the research and performance of unpublished music. Presently the repertoire focuses on the sacred music in stilo antico from the 18th century with a special attention to the music for several choirs.

Lassus Consort

A small ensemble of 12 singers which explores the world of the renaissance and baroque music. The Lassus consort performs a cappella and with period instruments. It is based in Amsterdam and rehearses every other Tuesday.

Kamerkoor Quod Libet

A well known the Hague choir, the Quod Libet performs music from Sweelinck to Andriessen, from JS. Bach to Whitacre, following the literally meaning of its name “what it pleases”. With an average of two projects per year, the Quod Libet performs music a cappella, with small instrumental ensemble and orchestra. The QL rehearses every Thursday in The Hague.